Radicchio cake with white chocolate icing

      RADICCHIO CAKE WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE ICING This is a beauty – surprisingly good. A good texture & lovely for the white chocolate icing + it keeps well. I love a cake in this size. This is from my book Limoncello & Linen Water makes a 20 cm (8 inch) cake about 1 […]

Spinach Polpettine – Gnudi

      SPINACH POLPETTINE – GNUDI I make this regularly. I love it, it is so simple with so few ingredients. The gnudi have no flour & do not require boiling in water first. They are simply settled into a tomato lined oven dish & baked. Serve as a primo instead of pasta or […]

Gianduia Ice Cream Mattone with whipped Cream

      GIANDUIA ICE CREAM MATTONE WITH WHIPPED CREAM This is a chocolate brick of ice cream, topped with a pile of whipped cream. It is frozen in a loaf tin so you don’t need an ice cream machine here. Serves 8 or more 100g (3½ oz) hazelnuts, skinned 500ml (2 cups) milk 240g […]

Tomato Soupe

Baked vegetarian dolmades

Featured in Yolo Journal’s summer 2020 edition, along with other recipes from Greece.

Tomato Soupe

Tomato Soup with Rice & Basil

      TOMATO SOUP WITH RICE & BASIL This is a lovely & simple primo for a summery evening – when you have an abundance of ripe tomatoes. Serves 5 or 6 4 tablespoons olive oil + extra for serving 1 small red onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 800g (1 lb 12 oz) […]


      CHAPATI These are so easy to make & can be turned out in a few minutes. I love them brushed with ghee & served with almost anything. The lovely coffee-coloured dough will keep a day or so in the fridge covered (so you can make a few over a couple of days). […]

Tomato tart

      TOMATO TART This simple summer tart relies on beautiful, ripe tomatoes – there is not much else to hide behind here. I love it plain with a salad on the side & some goat’s cheese. I use a springform tin of 24 cm set on a tray here. Makes a 24 cm […]

Banana Bread

      BANANA BREAD This recipe is in Apples for Jam from my friend Alexia. Lately I have been leaving out the eggs & reducing the sugar a bit. I bake it for slightly less time. I love it like this also! It seems this cake is indestructible. A friend makes it with light […]

Strawberry Risotto

      STRAWBERRY RISOTTO This is from my Tuscan book ‘Twelve’. It is a beautiful dish to make when strawberries are in their season. You can up the ingredients a little if you have more people at your table. Save a few chunks of strawberries to throw in at the end for colour. Serves […]

Crème Caramel

      CRÈME CARAMEL This recipe is the one I always come back to. So easy to eat & wonderful that you make it the day before. Once you get past the fear of burning the sugar & have made it at least once – it really is quick & easy. You can divide […]