Tomato Soupe

Fish in a Bottle

      FISH IN A BOTTLE The wonderful thing here ~ is the no smell of fish anywhere in the house. The recipe is from my book ‘Limoncello & Linen Water’. The fish is cooked in preserving jars with watertight lids, that can even be simmering away amongst your jam jars. Serves 4 4 […]

Tomato Soupe

Sgroppino – Lemon Chill

      SGROPPINO – LEMON CHILL This recipe is from my book ‘Venezia’. Sgroppino is a wonderful refreshing lemon ice cream/ prosecco/vodka whizz – often served in a glass as a drink or palate cleanser – but fantastic for dessert. I like to serve it after lunch & have kept the alcohol amounts quite […]

Tomato Soupe

Spaghetti con Vongole e Calamari

      SPAGHETTI CON VONGOLE E CALAMARI This is from my book ‘Venezia’. I like the addition of calamari to a classic recipe. The timing is important here – the calamari must be tender, & you need the seafood cooking while you par-cook the spaghetti. Then they can be tossed together at the right […]

Tomato Soupe

Chocolate Cake from Guadeloupe

      CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM GUADELOUPE I had many lovely cakes in Guadeloupe – one on a chocolate plantation, which you could tell was made with cocoa butter & the chocolate logs for grating that you find there. There were also several other inspiring, tall chocolate cakes ready-cut into pieces for buying to eat […]

Tomato Soupe

Pineapple cake

      PINEAPPLE CAKE This recipe is from my book ‘Piri piri Starfish’. It is a very popular cake in Portugal – great for breakfast or afternoon tea. I had this very often on the island of San Miguel in the Azores – with their lovely pineapples. Make sure the pineapple you use is […]

Tomato Soupe

Suspiros – Sighs

      SUSPIROS – SIGHS Meringues are everywhere in Portugal. You can make them & have them plain, or more dressed up as this lovely, simple dessert here. Keep the egg yolks for making pasteis de nata. Makes many 4 egg whites, at room temperature a good pinch of salt 225g (1 cup) caster […]

Tomato Soupe

Finnish meatballs, sour cream & lingonberries

      FINNISH MEATBALLS, SOUR CREAM & LINGONBERRIES The dish my mother always made, the one that always remains in my mind. All-spice is very often used in Finnish dishes. You can use ordinary cream instead of the sour cream if you prefer. The lingonberry or cranberry jam is very easy to make. This […]

Tomato Soupe

Sardines and Scampi Sour

@italysegreta                                   Cicchetti                                          Venezia Find the story I wrote on cicchetti (the traditional small bites) from Venice, as well as […]

Radicchio cake with white chocolate icing

      RADICCHIO CAKE WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE ICING This is a beauty – surprisingly good. A good texture & lovely for the white chocolate icing + it keeps well. I love a cake in this size. This is from my book Limoncello & Linen Water makes a 20 cm (8 inch) cake about 1 […]

Spinach Polpettine – Gnudi

      SPINACH POLPETTINE – GNUDI This is my neighbour Barbara’s mum’s recipe & is in my book ‘Limoncello & Linen Water’. I make it regularly. I love it, it is so simple with so few ingredients. The gnudi have no flour & do not require boiling in water first. They are simply settled […]