Crème Caramel

      CRÈME CARAMEL This recipe is the one I always come back to. So easy to eat & wonderful that you make it the day before. Once you get past the fear of burning the sugar & have made it at least once – it really is quick & easy. You can divide […]

Chicken soup stracciatella & Chicken patties

      CHICKEN BROTH, STRACCIATELLA & CHICKEN PATTIES I love the simplicity & deep reaching nourishment this dish offers – with not too many ingredients. The broth is used to make a quick & wholesome soup – stracciatella – much appreciated among all generations in Italy. It is often served to the convalescing & […]

Lamb with prunes & rosemary sage salt

      LAMB WITH PRUNES & ROSEMARY SAGE SALT This is rich, delicious & really not too difficult. Get your butcher to debone the lamb for you – ready for stuffing & rolling. (keep the bone for roasting). It is wonderful served with sauteed potatoes & artichokes if you can get them – they […]