I was born in London. My mother is from Finland & my father is Greek-Cypriot. When I was 4 we moved to South Africa. At 18 I left to travel & learn more about the world’s cultures. In my twenties I spent my time working in restaurants & with families in different countries - including Mexico, Greece, London & Sydney. I loved working with the people who really inspired me. They were my mentors in my journey through the world of food. While working & travelling, I completed a degree in Anthropology & Sociology.

I chose to come to Italy for its beauty, the food & lifestyle. The relationship between people & food is what attracted me most. On this trip, I met Giovanni & we have 2 wonderful daughters – Yasmine & Cassia. We live in Tuscany.

An appreciation of food has always been a significant part of my life, & often my criteria for my choice of journey. Never simply about what to fill myself with – but about the way it is presented, combined & offered. I feel the same thrill for example - from a very simple Cypriot Mahalepi splashed with rose water – to a many layered Indian Thali platter served with lemon pickle & coriander chutney.

I love travelling. Collecting things I love. Food. People. Colour. Smells. Fabrics. Details. Different cultures & traditions - why they do what they do & how they put their dishes together. How people, families & nations connect. And I love weaving these all together.

I have 11 books to date, & am forever collecting recipes & things that inspire me.