What people have said about my book xx

What people have said about my book xx

☆ Insanely excited about Tessa Kiros latest book. If you tuned in you’d have heard me say that ‘Falling Cloudberries’ is my all time fave cookbook. But all of Tessa’s books are pieces of art, stylistically as well as her recipes being fantastic. ‘Now & Then’, her latest one, is just divine.
Georgina Hayden – author of Nistisima +Taverna+ Stirring Slowly @georginahayden

☆ The cover alone is sumptuous & sublime. What a book! I want to climb into these pages. This book is an epic odyssey into deliciousness. I love it.
Gurdeep Loyal – food writer & columnist at Olive magazine. Author of ‘Mother Tongue’

☆ ’Now & Then’ has pretty much instantly joined my top shelf of absolute favourite cookbooks, happily alongside your iconic ‘Apples for Jam’. This book is a pleasure & joy to read through, let alone cook from. It really is so beautiful – A lifetime of cooking & generosity packed into one special book.
Sophie Hansen – author of xx @locallovely

☆ Your book arrived – in bright morning sunshine, - in amongst seeding time & the very beginning of summer. You remind us all to find beauty everywhere, & you remind me to constantly try to make sure beauty is around me
Jo Corrigan Macedon

☆ OMG!!! This is just the kind of book I want to cook from. It makes me so happy. It is current & relevant. Thank you Tessa Kiros & Murdoch books
Tony Tan – author of Hong Kong xx & teacher & food writer/restauranteur

☆ La mejor escritora de libris de cocina. You are the best Tessa Kiros,
Juliana Lopez May – Argentinian author & cooking teacher

☆ Tessa’s books are the reason I wanted to be a food writer. And her new book ‘Now & Then’ is (unsurprisingly) utterly glorious – so beautiful & heartfelt. It is currently holding the coveted bedside table spot in my house.
Tilly Pamment – author of ‘The plain Cake appreciation society’

☆ Tessa Kiros ‘Now & Then’ – my favourite food & travel writer – of whom I have every book ever written. I’m so excited for this - Stephen & Carl @thegourmetgays

☆ You are one of the true food writers of our time, Tessa, & I can’t wait to get my hands on this book – Paola Westbeek @thefrenchlife-paola

☆ I know I'm not the only on to feel this deep connection for Tessa Kiros and her books. Whenever I mention her with friends or random strangers, they surely have one of her books. (...) I also noticed that that everyone tends to have a favourite, a book they dearly love: until a couple of weeks ago I would have said that mine was Apples for Jam, but Now & Then might have become the new favourite. Gulia Scarpaleggia, author of Cucina Povera @julskitchen

☆ Got my copy today!! I practically skipped out of the store. I made the first recipe (Sipi’s baked lamb chops with lemon and oregano) with Yasmine’s Parmesan potates, served it with simple salad greens from the garden.
My children (6 and 8) have asked me to make it all again tomorrow. It’s beautiful. Love, love, love it.
Elodie Grace @elodiegrace

☆ Sooooo gorgeous. Dani Valent Melbourne based Journalist @danivalent

☆ So beautiful. I cannot wait to cook from it @5oclockapron
Claire Thomson Chef & food writer @5oclockapron

☆ Her magic is in eclecticism; reading her books is like delving into a beautiful journal." --Eleanor Ford, food writer and author of The Nutmeg Trail and A Whisper of Cardamom @eleanorfordfood

☆ The most inspiring cookbook ever!
Claudia Fabiana - designer @ciaofabiana

☆ Hand on heart, such a beautiful book! Am in bed bookmarking so many delicious recipes, absolutely mesmerised and enchanted
Jessica @jesswhoamamma